The semifinals are on!

Published On 14/07/2017 | NEWS

The favorites live up to expectations and qualify for the semifinals

Most favorites in their respective categories met pre-tournament expectations and qualified for semifinals. Players like Spaniard Roberto Menéndez (+40), American Carolyn Nichols (+60) and German Alexander Windisch (+45) are among the top four in their respective drawsheet and hope to win today in order to fight for the ITF Barcelona Seniors Championship trophy.
Despite getting relatively comfortably to this state of the drawsheet, now the favorites will have to demonstrate their skills against high-level players. In fact, Menéndez will play against Cano (number 23 in the world) and Nichols against Gomis (8 in the world).
Other top-ranked players in the world rankings, such as Slovenian James Baker (+75) or Italian Laura de Vittori (+55), will also be looking for their place in the final today.