Escoda (91) and Lobo (87), the oldest players of the tournament

Published On 13/07/2017 | NEWS

Three tennis matches a week and no smoking are some of the tricks to maintain an enviable health condition, according to Antonio Escoda and Manolo Lobo, the most experienced players of the tournament. Both are RC Polo members and compete in the category of more than 85 years.

For Escoda, 91, the most important thing to continue practicing tennis at their age is to have “a lot of will” and “privileged” physical conditions.

“Tennis is a sport that has a certain risk, in which you can fall and get hurt. It is not recommended at our age but we love it,” says the sportsman.

His rival yesterday, his friend Lobo, 87, explains that each time they are able to gather four players their age, they set up a friendly doubles match.

“I prefer to play singles but it is difficult to find people our age,” he says. “I do not play with seventy-year-old kids,” he laughs.

Although they assert that they do not take care of themselves, they have very healthy routines. Escoda, who has never smoked tobacco, says he eats a little of everything. His doctor advised him to drink only a glass of wine at noon, but he says that he’s always down for a beer.

Instead, Lobo has never tried alcohol and quited smoking in the 1980s. “I do not make any sacrifices to be in shape,” he says.

The passion for tennis and the desire to keep practicing this sport make these “old friends” one of the symbols of the 12th ITF Barcelona Seniors Championship.